Who Are We ?

Established in 2022, Sanguine Aura is an indigenous online artisanal jewelry brand hailing from Pune, Maharashtra. Our focus lies in crafting exquisite and enduring jewelry, employing minimal use of heat and machinery. Ridhi Jethani, the visionary founder, set out to create a brand that encapsulates elegance and aesthetics through the delicate art of wire-wrapping.

At Sanguine Aura, we believe in the timeless allure of bending wires around stunning crystals and gemstones to fashion elegant ornaments. Our journey began with a dedicated pursuit of mastering the art of wire-wrapping, a meticulous process that transforms raw materials into wearable, enduring pieces of art. Rooted in Indian values and driven by a deep sense of integrity, we approach our work with utmost reverence and dedication, offering our customers a truly authentic and meaningful experience.

Each piece of jewelry crafted by Sanguine Aura undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure unparalleled standards. We meticulously source materials from small businesses across India, contributing to the upliftment of our nation’s economy while showcasing the richness of our diverse heritage.

The genesis of our company amidst the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic underscores our resilience and determination to rebuild lives shattered by loss and upheaval. From its humble beginnings with a single individual at its helm, Sanguine Aura has evolved into a small business that takes pride in the contributions of its core team of five talented women.

Our collection comprises handcrafted crystal and semi-precious gemstone jewelry, adorned with distinctive designs that capture the essence of individuality. We also offer customization services, collaborating closely with our customers to create personalized pieces that reflect their unique style and preferences.