Jewellery Care

Take Care of your Jewellery !

Congratulations on choosing exquisite and sustainable jewellery from Sanguine Aura! Not only will you enjoy long-lasting beauty, but you’ll also contribute to reducing plastic waste, taking care of our precious Mother Nature.

Material Specific Care:

Copper/Brass/Fine Silver:

  • Over time, copper and sometimes brass may darken due to oxidation on the surface. Fear not, it’s easy to restore their shine.
  • For shiny copper/brass pieces, gently clean them using a vinegar and salt paste with an old toothbrush or a moist rag. Rinse thoroughly with water afterward.

Antiqued Copper/Oxidized Fine Silver:

  • Avoid using the vinegar and salt paste on antiqued copper or oxidized fine silver jewellery.
  • Instead, use a ‘silver polishing cloth’ or apply a tiny amount of silver polish on a clean soft cloth. Let the polish dry up and then use the dried bits on the cloth to gently remove any unnecessary tarnish.
  • You could also buff, polish out any imperfections using the polishing cloth that we provide with some of our oxidized jewellery items. (please do not wash this cloth as it contains a polishing compound that will get washed away rendering the cloth ineffective in buffing.)

Caring for Copper Jewellery:

Prevent Absorption: Copper is an essential metallic element, and our bodies can easily absorb it. Only copper ions, which form greenish patches, are assimilated. To avoid this, we recommend removing copper-based jewellery before showering or sleeping or working out.

General Tips:

Storage: Keep your jewellery in separate pouches or boxes to prevent scratching and tangling.

Avoid Chemicals: Avoid exposing your jewellery to harsh chemicals, perfumes, and cosmetics, as they may damage the surface.

Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean your jewellery to maintain its brilliance and keep it free from dust and oil.

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